Assumption Cares is an Outreach Program offered by Our Lady of Assumption Parish

We offer free programs and events to anyone and everyone who lives in Windsor’s West-End. Supported by volunteers, we aim to partner with others in the city to bring a variety of community building programs that help to make our west-end more compassionate.

Our Core Values Are:

  • Assumption Cares is for everyone.
  • Assumption Cares is free to the public.
  • Assumption Cares creates programs/events based on the needs of the community.
  • Assumption Cares is a space where people are invited to stay and belong, and does not exist solely to connect people to other services.
  • Assumption Cares focuses on: wellness, education, families, and fun.
  • Assumption Cares is the Outreach Program of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, and therefore, all programs and events are suitable for Catholics, but not solely “faith-based” and are open to everyone.


The list of programs changes from month to month and are listed on a calendar. 
Click on the “This Month” link to see the calendar and click on “Programs & Events” for links.

Our Location and Map

Our building is located at 711 McEwan Avenue, just south of Wyandotte, in the building that looks like a church.

  • There is a small amount of free parking accessed from McEwan and a second small lot accessed from Campbell.
  • The site has an elevator that is accessed from the Campbell parking area.

Contact The Coordinator

You can contact the Outreach coordinator by email or by phone:

Laura Soulliere

Laura Soulliere

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Instagram: @assumptioncares